“Let's work together for development that serves the needs of our diverse community.
I believe real progressive change starts at home.”
- Ben Ewen-Campen


Issues and Priorities

  • Housing affordability and stability.
    We don’t have a luxury housing crisis, we have a crisis of housing for the 99%. Yet most new and proposed units in Somerville are unaffordable for those who already live here. We need measures to curb skyrocketing rent and property taxes. Working families, seniors, young people and moderate income earners should be able to live and work in Somerville.

  • Community-led development.
    We need proposed developments to respond to the needs of our diverse community. I will fight for development that requires a Community Benefits Agreement negotiated with an elected neighborhood council. The community should have a voice in all aspects of development that affect our city - not only affordable housing, but also commercial development, green space, local hiring ordinances and access to dignified jobs.

  • Private developer money out of politics.
    I will never take a dollar of private developer money, and I will work to end the influence of corporate interests on Somerville politics. 



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