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“No candidate in this race is more qualified than Ben Ewen-Campen to lead Ward 3 and Somerville into a very challenging future.” -Michael Grunko, Berkeley St. 








“What first impressed me about Ben is that he has already brought new faces, new energy and new ideas to Somerville politics through his campaign and his activism. Ben is very supportive of immigrants rights in our Sanctuary City and intends to build on that commitment to our community. He’s a progressive candidate through and through.” - Cesar Urrunaga, Oxford St. 




I believe that the biggest issue facing Somerville right now is residents and businesses being displaced due to high rents. We need a Board that is willing to act, not just talk. Ben has shown through his community involvement that he will stand up for the community and work alongside us for development without displacement. -Benny Wheat, Oxford St. 



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We heartily endorse Ben. He represents both the new energetic young face of Somerville, with his finger on the pulse of the traditional values of hard work, diversity, and affordability.” 

-Mary Bewig and Peggy Clark, Monmouth St. 





“I believe that Ben is exactly what Somervillians need, He’s very bright, energetic, and shows great care for me and my husband as we get older and live on a set income. He’ll be a great help to Somerville seniors like ourselves.” - Carol Bradford, Highland Ave.




"We are excited to raise our daughter in Somerville, but worry that increasing rent will force our family out of the city. We support Ben because he thinks about these challenges at the systems-level. It's not only about finding a solution for our family - We're voting for Ben because we know he will work for solutions that get to the root of the problem." -Leonora Bittleston & Dan Beyer, Vinal Ave.  





“Ben has an ingrained sense of fair dealing. He comes to the table with a wealth of political knowledge and a deeply felt commitment to inclusion, affordability, and diversity. Most of us who are politically active know a politician or two who will help navigate City Hall on our behalf. The reason I’m voting for Ben is that he will work to change the system so that this won’t be necessary. What could be better than that?" - Reebee Garofalo, Pleasant St. 





“When I came to Somerville as an immigrant, struggling to make ends meet, I wish I had someone like Ben in office fighting for me. Ben is someone who wants to make genuine improvements in our community.” -Will Mbah, candidate for Alderman-at-Large