Ben Ewen-Campen and his wife Alex

My name is Ben Ewen-Campen, and I’m running for Ward 3 Alderman because I believe that Somerville is facing a crisis of housing affordability for the 99%. I think that by working together, we can do much more to keep Somerville liveable and to prevent displacement. I will fight to ensure that the development coming to Union Square works for everyone in our diverse community.

I'm a longtime Union Square resident, and I've watched skyrocketing rents and property taxes push friends and neighbors out. I was also raised on these issues: my father is a lifelong advocate for affordable housing in the Boston area, serving on the board of the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance, and working in particular for racial justice in housing policy. My mother is an educator, activist, and artist (she has an art studio at Brickbottom), and I was raised to fight for social, economic, and environmental justice.

I’m actively involved in Somerville issues, particularly focusing on Union Square development. I believe in government transparency and accountability - this means getting private developer money out of politics, and making sure everyone in the community has a voice at City Hall.

As a biologist, I love science and problem solving. I was educated in the public school system, and I will always be a strong advocate for our schools, our libraries, and our green spaces.

I live on Warren Ave with my wife Alex. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you, and listening to your hopes and concerns for our community.




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